Every year, millions of people around the globe celebrate Pride. To show support for the simple fact that love is love, Chili’s launched the #ChilisLOVE Margarita. A limited-edition cocktail mixed with the perfect digital ingredients for bringing more love into the world.

Presented with its own unique charity menu, each order allowed Chili’s guests to give a little love, by way of donation, to various organizations.

Served with decal coasters, the cocktail challenged people to share the love in their personal world by peeling off the kind words on the coaster and passing them it on. Those who captured a picture of this real-life moment of connection and posted it to social media with #ChilisLOVE were entered to win incentives.

All imagery aggregated onto a live video wall in Chili’s Restaurants, bringing the love full circle back to the table, where it began.